8:00 am - 9:00 am | Breakfast and Registration
9:00 am - 9:45 am | Welcome Remarks and Business Meeting

10:00 am - 10:50 am | Breakout Session I (50 mins)
11:00 am - 11:50 am | Breakout Session II (50 mins)
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm | Plated Lunch
12:45 pm - 1:30 pm | Vendor Showcase
1:30 pm - 2:20 pm | Breakout Session III (50 mins)
*2:30 pm - 3:15 pm | Poster Session
*2:30 pm - 3:30 pm | Afternoon Coffee & Vendor Showcase
3:40 pm - 4:30 pm | Breakout Session IV (50 mins)

*Concurrent programming


See accepted sessions below.
Looking for a keynote? We don't have one this year!


What if You Build it and They Don't Come? Lessons Learned from a Tutorial-Creation Project

Lindley Homol, Northeastern University

Are your library tutorials seeing high usage or collecting dust? This session will discuss how the lessons learned from a little-used tutorial collection resulted in the creation of a successful suite of learning objects.

Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools

University Library

From Chaos to Planned Future: Transforming LibGuides from Pathfinders to Learning Objects

Marisol Ramos, University of Connecticut - Storrs

This presentation will share with the audience how the LibGuides Management Team at UConn Library applied the lessons learnt from our previous mistakes to build more accessible and pedagogical sound research guides using LibGuides v2. I will share the issues, challenges, and successes of applying guidelines and best practices in a consistent way to improve the user experience while accessing our research, course, general and topic guides.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development; Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools

University Library

The Burden of Access: Patron Driven Acquisitions for Streaming Video on a Small Campus

Amanda Scull, Keene State College

Does the educational benefit of streaming video justify its cost, and how do you reconcile those two factors on a small campus with a limited budget? In this session we'll dive into the three years' worth of data that demonstrates an unsuccessful and costly adoption of PDA for streaming video, and discuss the path forward.


College Library

These Are Not Your Students: How Service Orientation Doomed a Library Instruction Assessment Project and What It Took to Bring It Back to Life

Kathrine C. Aydelott, University of New Hampshire, Durham

A faculty librarian recounts how an assessment project was rejected by key stakeholders, revealing a cultural divide between library and departmental faculty regarding assessment, status, and the dangers of overvaluing a service orientation.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Assessment; Outreach; Teaching and Learning

University Library

Failure to Reproduce: The Replication Crisis in Research — Can Librarians Help?

Andrée J. Rathemacher, University of Rhode Island; Amanda Izenstark, University of Rhode Island; and Harrison Dekker, University of Rhode Island

A recent survey by Nature found that more than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments and more than half have failed to reproduce their own experiments! Learn more about the “reproducibility crisis” in research and how librarians are helping by teaching researchers about reproducible workflows, proper management of code and data, and tools like the Open Science Framework.

Scholarly Communication; Technology and Tools; Data Services

University Library

The Trials & Tribulations of incorporating 3D Printing into the Health Science Curriculum

Laurel Scheinfeld, SUNY Stony Brook; Joan Wagner, Touro College; and Laurel Scheinfeld, Touro College

Teaching 3D printing and design in an academic library seems like a great idea, but using 3D software entails a steep learning curve and 3D printers are noisy! This presentation will show you how to avoid all of our pitfalls and start your 3D program easily.

Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools

College Library

Reframing Failure: Post Mortems for Library Projects

Danielle S. Apfelbaum, Farmingdale State College and Derek Stadler, LaGuardia Community College

As librarians, we often participate in or lead initiatives, but not all of these endeavors succeed. The post mortem -- a systematic method for discovering, documenting, & disseminating an actionable summary of a project’s successes & missteps -- offers librarians a valuable tool for reframing failure as an opportunity to support future successes.

Assessment; Professional/staff development

Community College Library; College Library; Special Library; University Library

Worst Practices? Surviving the Pitfalls of License Negotiation

Michael Rodriguez, University of Connecticut

Learn the pitfalls and temptations of license negotiation. Based on true stories from a lead library negotiator! We’ll also look at agile win-win negotiating and how to bounce back from your missteps and leverage (mis)cues from vendors.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Collections; Scholarly Communication; Technical Services

University Library; College Library

If At First You Don't Succeed in Your Instruction Methodology, Try, Try Again

Katelyn Angell, Long Island University and Eric Shannon, Franklin Pierce University

Learn how two librarians at very different institutions were able to revamp ineffective library instruction sessions by incorporating active learning methods into their teaching practice. Within this presentation three case studies will be provided, each of which will describe an ineffective teaching experience, an intervention to reflect on this failure, and the development and implementation of an alternative intended to address shortcomings of the previous method.

Teaching and Learning; Assessment

University Library

Survey Says: Strategies for Responding to Challenging Findings

Erica Schattle and Dorothy Meaney, Tufts University

As academic libraries are increasingly called on to demonstrate their value, librarians are defining measures of library impact that work both within and across libraries and constituents. But what happens when data collected through an action research project tells you something you don't want to learn?

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Assessment; Teaching and Learning

University Library

Beach Balls, Play-Doh, and Plato: Play as Critical Pedagogy

Beth Hoppe, Bowdoin College

Most discussions of critical pedagogy focus on theory. It is a serious topic, with serious implications. But who is to say that we can't have a little fun now and then? I argue that play can be a valuable part of critical pedagogy. We will discuss strategies for including play in the classroom, providing space for discovery, reflection, and metacognition, as well as how to both play and meet your learning goals at the same time.

Teaching and Learning

Community College Library; College Library; University Library

Encouraging Experimentation and Creativity through Professional Development: Turning our Failures into Best Practices

Amanda Piekart; Bonnie Lafazan, Berkeley College - New Jersey; and Jessica Kiebler, Berkeley College - White Plains

This session will present the best practices we have identified through our missteps and failures from several internal professional development initiatives. Through reflecting on failures and refining approaches, librarians can learn how to create an environment where they are committing themselves to their organization, profession and their own life-long learning education.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development; Teaching and Learning

College Library

Fake News: Taking News Evaluation Out of the Classroom and Into the Fire

Martha Kruy, Central Connecticut State University; Briana McGuckin; Theodora Ruhs, Central Connecticut State University; and Susan Slaga-Metivier, Central Connecticut State University

In this session, librarians and a Journalism professor reflect upon bringing a news-evaluation workshop from the college campus to the wider community in public libraries. Learn the value of the venture, and prepare yourself for the pitfalls, as they share assessment data and the way it shaped and re-shaped the program.

Assessment; Outreach; Scholarly Communication; Teaching and Learning

University Library

When your Info Café Fails, Think of your LMS as Take-Out: Learning from the Services Students Won’t Use to Create the Services They Will

Elizabeth Chase, MacPhaidin Library - Stonehill College; Patricia McPherson, MacPhaidin Library - Stonehill College; and Heather Perry, MacPhaidin Library - Stonehill College

In 2012 we launched a program that would allow students to earn merit points by attending library instruction sessions. We thought earning merit points, which could give students preference in selecting housing, would draw them to our workshops on database searching and citation styles. We were wrong. That failure prompted us to change our focus from trying to attract students to the library to attempting to bring instruction to them via the Learning Management System. The result: the LMS embedded videos and research modules we created have reached far more students than our face to face workshops ever did.

Assessment; Outreach; Reference; Teaching and Learning

College Library

We've Failed at Diversifying Our Librarian Ranks, Now What? A Plan for Addressing the "Pipeline" Problem

Annie Sollinger, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Isabel Espinal, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Pete Smith, University of Massachusetts Amherst; and Kate Freedman, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Despite great effort from individuals on our staff, the racial diversity of the library’s employees has remained largely unchanged, mirroring the stagnant demographics of the profession. Over the last year, we’ve come to understand more about why we have failed and gained critical insight into how we might succeed in the future via a bolder approach that we are now advocating for, in our library and libraries across the US: by investing time and money in Post-Baccalaureate Diversity Recruitment Fellowships.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Outreach; Professional/staff development; Administration, Management, and Leadership

University Library

Website Usability testing with custom tools in a community college environment

Carlos Arguelles, CUNY Kingsborough Community College and Mark Eaton, CUNY Kingsborough Community College

Our community college library undertook a usability-testing project running proprietary, subscription-based analytics tools; when these tools did not work as expected the solution was to build our own testing and analytics environment that was easier to maintain and debug. We collected and analyzed custom data to make recommendations on the library’s webpage design.

Technology and Tools

Community College Library

Panel Discussion

Turning Missteps into Stepping Stones: Personal and Professional Growth as an Early Career Academic Librarian

Christina Bell, Bates College; Naomi Binnie, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Brooke Duffy, Sarah Lawrence College; Gina Levitan, Pace University - New York; and Kelleen Maluski, Sarah Lawrence College

While institutions have devised creative ways to adapt to new difficulties, including adopting new staffing models, the situation remains the same: librarians are hired to do one job but inevitably end up doing much more. Our discussion will focus on shifts in working patterns, professional development (and the privilege that comes with being able to participate), the impact of institutional culture on “library work,” and proposals for success and change from the failures we have experienced.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development


Interactive Workshop

Impossible missions, interesting failures: A toolkit for dismantling fears and doubts

John T. Oliver, The College of New Jersey

Seemingly impossible endeavors can give us our biggest successes and our most informative failures. This interactive workshop will offer a reflective exercise for analyzing (and dismantling) the fears and doubts that keep us from doing amazing, unreasonable, unrealistic things.

Administration, Management, and Leadership

Community College Library; College Library; Special Library; University Library; Consortia; Other

Lightning Talks: Session A

How not to grow an ORCID program

Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Lisa A. Palmer, University of Massachusetts Medical School

An unsuccessful effort to establish ORCID integrations provides insight into goal setting, recognizing limitations, and working with other entities on campus.

Scholarly Communication; Technology and Tools

Special Library; University Library

20/20 Hindsight: Mistakes made and lessons learned from a new director

Cori Wilhelm, SUNY Canton College of Technology

Do you ever look back on decisions you made, and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Hindsight can be 20/20, particularly after a major transition such as starting a new position. Learn from one new director’s mistakes and lessons learned during her transition into leadership.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development

College Library

The Ballad of the Textbook Annex

Sharon H. Domier

Sung to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song, the presenter is going take you on our version of a three hour tour and introduce you to the characters, the environment, the tools, the luggage, the setbacks, and ultimately the successful outcome of a project to move a large number of books to off-site storage. Be prepared to laugh, cry, shake your head, and learn from our mistakes.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Technical Services; Archives and Special Collections; Professional/staff development

University Library


Christina Huffaker

Successfully implementing RFID technology for collection circulation, inventory, and stacks management requires more than expected. Hear the strategies we retroactively realized for anticipating and troubleshooting, as well as tactics for building an RFID implementation team, skills, and useful tools.

Access Services; Professional/staff development; Technology and Tools

University Library

My library has a new residency program, now what? Planning and implementing a successful residency program

Quetzalli Barrientos, American University

As residency positions in librarianship have increased in popularity again, libraries have rushed to develop their own resident librarian programs. Nearly three years ago, my institution hired me as their very first resident librarian. This presentation will lay out a road map example of a successful and effective residency structure for universities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Professional/staff development

University Library

Lightning Talks Session B

Choose Your Own (Mis)Adventure: Practicing Digital Literacy Skills in the Community College Classroom

Meggie Lasher, Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Are you interested in digital literacy education, especially working with diverse students? This lightning talk will outline the highs and lows of developing original content for a digital literacy workshop to help students think critically about college academic resources and technology.

Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools

Community College Library

What Went Wrong: Reflections on a Teaching with Technology Failure

Amy Barlow, Rhode Island College

This speaker will tell the story of how a clerical error resulted in a technological meltdown during library instruction. She will share how she came to see the incident as a useful failure, and will discuss implications for flipped and online learning environments.

Reference; Teaching and Learning; Technical Services; Technology and Tools

College Library

Lost in Translation: Faculty and Archivist Communication

Blake Spitz, University of Massachusetts Amherst

This presentation addresses numerous topics in the fields of librarianship and archives management, including instruction, information and research literacy, and outreach, by presenting a case study where two individuals were highly motivated to collaborate on archival research instruction, but failed due to inefficient communication and assumptions made on both sides. After detailing some of the missteps, this talk will focus on options to improve future collaborations with faculty, such as assignment or syllabus consultation and embedded librarianship, hopefully leading to the practical results of better instruction, assignments, and research process guidance for students working with library resources.

Archives and Special Collections; Collections; Outreach; Teaching and Learning

University Library

No attendees? No problem. Redefining programs at the library

Deb Baker

Like many places, we have a small staff, budget constraints, and more students now who don’t live on campus than do. This talk will hopefully expand the idea of programming as a style of engagement rather than the traditional notion of events that people must attend.


University Library

That Time One Person Came to My End-of-Semester Citation Workshops

Katie Beth Ryan

A citation refresher and chocolate-covered pretzels -- what’s not to love? Apparently much more than this librarian realized, when only one student showed up to her end-of-semester citation workshops. In this talk, she reflects on why these workshops didn't resonate, and how to approach citation and paraphrasing differently in the future.

Outreach; Teaching and Learning

College Library

Poster Sessions

My Misadventures In Scheduling Innovation

Annette M. Vadnais, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Come learn about my experience trying to work remotely to try and innovate current projects and come up with ideas for new initiatives.

Outreach; Professional/staff development

University Library

The Game of Library Tetris: Using a Shelf Address System

Judy Quist, University of New Hampshire, Durham and Rachel Gogan, University of New Hampshire, Durham

Having to constantly shift materials to make space while maintaining call number order can be challenging and time consuming, particularly when needing to move materials quickly. In this session we’ll weigh the pros/cons of a shelf based address system and help you learn from our mistakes; we’re still cleaning up some of ours, but after this session you won’t have to!

Access Services; Archives and Special Collections; Collections; Technical Services

University Library

If You Build It, Will It Collapse? Roadblocks to Building a Regional Repository Community

Erin Jerome, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Lisa A. Palmer, University of Massachusetts Medical School; and Rebecca Reznik-Zellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst

In the wake of the Elsevier acquisition of bepress, regional Digital Commons users in the New England region try to build and sustain the community they began to reestablish in the summer of 2017.

Professional/staff development; Scholarly Communication; Technology and Tools

Community College Library; College Library; Special Library; University Library; Consortia; Other

Spectacular Failures and Tenuous Successes in Faculty Outreach: A Story of Persistence

Melinda Malik, Saint Anselm College; Hannah Lindquist, Saint Anselm College; and Bekah Dreyer, Saint Anselm College

Like its college, the Library has a long history of outreach to its community. This poster describes the librarians’ many failures and few successes with outreach to faculty through workshops. Primary takeaways include: reasons why they’ve been able to persist in their efforts despite their failures, and best and worst practices for implementing faculty workshops.

Outreach; Teaching and Learning

College Library

Displaying the Past: Guidelines for Outreach Using Archival Collections

Laura Mondt, Northern Essex Community College and Rachel Oleaga, Northern Essex Community College

This poster aims to provide attendees with a list of guidelines to consider when using an archival exhibit as a method of outreach, along with fostering a broader discussion of community college libraries, and the promotional value of their small or minimally processed archival collections.

Archives and Special Collections; Outreach

Community College Library

Can Robots Replace Librarians? Experiences Using a Chat Bot to Respond to IM Questions

David Meincke, Johnson & Wales University - Providence

Learn how a busy urban university is piloting the use of a chat bot to respond to research and reference questions after hours.

Reference; Technology and Tools

University Library

Mindset Matters: Developing a Growth Mindset to Reframe Failure in Libraries

Benjamin Peck, University of New Hampshire, Durham and Kimberly Burke Sweetman, University of New Hampshire, Durham

This poster highlights an internal professional development activity that introduced the concept of developing a growth mindset within the library. By facilitating a flipped lesson and an active learning activity, we encouraged our organization to develop a shared strategy for working through challenges, dealing with setbacks and viewing failures positively.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Professional/staff development

University Library

MOOC: Miscalculations, Oversights, Opportunities and Celebration

Julie Goldman, Harvard Medical School and Allison Kay Herrera, Harvard Medical School

The field of online education is incredibly important for libraries to support and be involved in. Learn from our mistakes! We’ll take you through the journey of mishaps and misadventures in developing an open online course offered by Countway Library of Medicine.

Teaching and Learning; Technology and Tools

Special Library; University Library

You Won’t Believe What We Discovered When We Implemented a Discovery Layer

Robert Wilson, Bridgewater State University and Natyra Pancsofar, Bridgewater State University

This poster discusses the implementation of Web-Scale Discovery in an academic library, during which significant metadata issues were revealed. Highlights include specific issues encountered and responses across library areas, as well as change management lessons and future work related to discovery layer and metadata issues.

Access Services; Data Services; Technical Services; Technology and Tools

University Library

From Worst to Best: Discovering IR Best Practices and Planning for Change

Hedda Monaghan, Framingham State University

This poster discusses best practices in institutional repositories with lessons from the literature and a discussion of how to minimize project slow-downs during times of staff change or shortages.

Scholarly Communication; Archives and Special Collections

University Library

Pivot, and Pivot Again: Ever-Nimble Library Leadership

Kathryn Geoffrion Scannell, Merrimack College and Lyena Chavez, Merrimack College

Library leadership is full of surprises and messes -- on the route to successes. This poster highlights examples of “pivoting” in response to space re-purposing and evolving curricula, and showcases unexpected opportunities for collaboration.

Administration, Management, and Leadership; Outreach; Teaching and Learning

College Library

Honey, I Shrunk the Workshop! Learning to Scale for Smaller Institutions

Rachel Sperling

The Antioch University New England Library and Writing Center teamed up to deliver a scaled down Research and Writing Boot Camp, that met the needs of both local and long-distance students. Despite numerous hurdles, from scheduling logistics to a fierce rainstorm, Research & Instruction Librarian Rachel Sperling and Writing Center Coordinator John Dunham used ingenuity and flexibility to deliver a successful full-day boot camp.

Outreach; Teaching and Learning

University Library


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